Thursday, July 03, 2008


Tomorrow is July 4th - Independence Day. Most people have already started their long holiday weekend. Good for them. Good for all of us to have a holiday fall on a Friday.

Lately I've been thinking about marketing and communications during "tough economic times." It seems that some businesses are using this excuse to take a holiday from marketing their business or products. I firmly believe that the companies who do that now will not be around for much longer.

On the other hand....I've been fortunate to cross paths with visionaries who realize that now is the exact time to get out there and hustle. I've had some pretty brillant ideas cross my desk that just might sell that condo (or other product) that's been sitting empty (or in the warehouse) for the past year.

Now is the exact time to think outside the box. Communicate with your customers. Jump up and down and wave your arms.

Happy Independence Day. Celebrate the holiday and then celebrate yourself and your business.