Monday, September 21, 2009

Social Media - It Works Folks

I still hear those social media doubters from time to time complaining that Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc. are just great time wasters. As a communications professional I've never doubted any tool or tactic that enables you to control your message and distribute it to the masses. I'd like to share my recent social media experience with a client The 57th Fighter Group Restaurant. This restaurant is reopening after approximately three years of being closed. It was a neighborhood favorite and beloved by many through out Atlanta. Rumors about the reopening were flying about, reports on the internet, calls to the local airport (next to the restaurant), people stopping by asking for updates. It was total confusion. About five weeks ago I started a Facebook Fan page for the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant - invited my friends, posted info on the reopening and link on neighborhood and related pages, etc. I've posted an update every 4-5 days on the Fan page. I've posted pics, comments, and even a video I made from the Taste of Chamblee. The restaurant now has more than 500 fans...and it hasn't even opened yet. People are sharing their memories and pictures of the past. Some fans are making special food requests, booking events, and rallying their friends to hit the dance floor the minute the restaurant opens. (Which we all hope is soon.) Last Friday I tweeted that I was headed to the restaurant for a "pre-opening" food tasting. It was retweeted by a few others. The phone at the restaurant started ringing with people wanting to reserve a table. They had seen my posting on Twitter. Hey media works. Yes, it can be a time waster if you don't have anything of substance to post, tweet or like. Give me a call to find out how social media can be incorporated into your marketing plan.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thinking outside the box - or power meter

CoreComm PR has a new client with a message that's important but one that people just don't want to hear --- energy efficiency. I've been working with this topic for five years now. I've learned that people really want to know what's in it for them. In this case they can save money - saving energy is the secondary message.

At the Zip to Green ( launch party last night the crack marketing team comprised of CoreComm PR, Tin Roof Advertising and Design Coup unveiled a team of characters to help keep energy efficiency top of mind --- The Zip Zappers. The idea is that they zap people who aren't using energy wisely and they remind people that energy efficiency is important.

Over the next few weeks we will be polishing up the Zip Zappers before they take to the streets of Washington DC. We have big things planned for our nation's capitol - including a press conference at the National Press Club on Oct. 6.

More info to come.