Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Asking for Advice. Making the Decision. Moving Forward.

Advice. Information. Direction.  We all need need to ask others for advice from time to time.  The art lies in whose advice to you take and when.

I've always said that the key to being a success in business is building a support team of experts, knowing when to listen to them and being able to make the tough decisions.  I learned this at an early age overhearing conversations between my uncle who owned and operated three grocery stores and his trusted accountant - Sybil.  She was a hero.  (I can hear pulling down the lever on the adding machine now.)

While my uncle made the tough decisions and lead the team, it was Sybil's advice and updates on financial matters that enabled him to know when to buy the new fangled scanning cash registers or embark on that crazy marketing scheme my cousin was pitching.  Sybil didn't know a thing about merchandising, store design or management and didn't claim to either. She knew about the cash flow and how fund the needs of the stores that were laid out by my uncle. They didn't always agree

We all are accustomed to turning to lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, etc. for professional services.  We make the decision to ask for their advice and make another decision on how to proceed. The same theory applies to marketing, human resources, sales, bookkeeping, and even ordering office supplies.  There are people who are experts in those areas but it all boils down to the decision-maker, CEO, President or entrepreneur to make the decision...the decision to ask for their advice and the final decision on what the company will do.

Certified Professional Coach & CEO of Life Touch Coaching, Cindy Gardner, suggests a bit of research combined with a measured amount of input from trusted advisors and colleagues.

“Make both an informed and empowered decision. Step up as a leader and discard the notion that others are more qualified to make your decisions for you. In fact, one of the key factors that separates those who succeed from those who don’t is empowerment – having the confidence to make the decisions that must be made.” Gardner also reminds us that trying to keep-up with the flood of information available today is like trying to catch water from a fire hose. “You don’t have to know it all (nor could you possibly); you really do know enough to make the decisions that need to be made.”

Who is helping you make your decisions? Are you seeking advice from qualified experts in the areas you need help with or are you asking a doctor for plumbing advice. A gastroenterologist works on a different set of plumbing if you know what I mean. It's your decision of whom to turn to and what to do.

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